Michigan Public Schools Status

Michigan harbors a total of over 1.5 million students in 3,550 public schools which ranks it the seventh largest public school system in the United States. The minority enrolment in Michigan public schools is less by 10% than the overall minority enrollment in the whole nation (43%), where the majority are the black. These schools have registered a student teacher ration higher than the national ration held at 18 students to one teacher and 14:1 respectively.

Quality of Education in Michigan Public Schools

This has been debatable all over the years especially because of its deteriorating trends. Michigan public schools continue to face a lot of pressure to expand and make their services better for the majority who have to attend them. It is however rather sad that despite the pressure, there hasn’t been extra funding towards that course. Parents are left wondering what happens next and to start with, the high student teacher ratio spells it all out. The learning process is rather hectic when teachers cannot give each and every student their attention. What’s worse, most Michigan public schools still call out on students to pay out-of-pockets for activities like sports which there should be a budgetary provision for.

Michigan Public schools ranking

Whenever a parent is out there looking for a school to enroll their children, they have a number of things they put up for consideration. Most people look at the general academic performance of the schools. This could be a wayward way of selection because it is obvious that a school with less students will have better grades. Most public schools in Michigan therefore fail to rank higher because of their high populations. Nevertheless, the best way to get the appropriate school to enroll your child would be through looking at the ratio of students to teachers. Despite their exam score rankings, most parents would choose a school which is economical for them so long as their children will learn a thing or two.

Programs in Michigan Public Schools

It is however worth mentioning that a lot has occurred to revolutionize the Michigan public schools. Considering the early ages when students would attend schools from mornings to evenings and it would be an entire learning marathon, there is a lot more to do today. Due to the high populations, segregation into groups of different extra-curriculum activities of interest. Engaging in activities like sports have increased the reactiveness of students. So that in as much as there isn’t much attention in their respective classes, a student is able to stand out in another activity besides academics.


All in all, there is dire need to restructure the Michigan Public schools. It is evident that there are several disadvantaged students from disadvantaged backgrounds that won’t have much of a choice but to go to these schools. Much needs to be done especially when it comes to equitable allocation of resources to these schools. This should be able to cater for all the resources needed to help these students make better people of the society. Something should be done about the student teacher ratio too.