How to Read Moving Company Reviews

Read moving company reviews to find the best mover for your needs. Consider the factors below when choosing a company: Customer service, reliability, pricing, and down payment policy. Here are a few tips to help you choose a company with confidence. Don’t settle for the first quote you find. Compare moving companies and read the terms and conditions. You can also ask people you know about their experiences. Moreover, you can also find reviews from other customers on websites such as Yelp or the Better Business Bureau.

Customer service

When writing a moving review, make sure to describe the situationĀ London, Ontario moving company reviews you’re reviewing. What’s the size of the household? What time of year are you moving? Depending on your circumstances, you’ll want to mention specific situations and what kind of customer service the moving company provided. When it comes to good customer service, you want to know that your moving company understood your needs and provided you with good communication. Here are some helpful tips.


Despite the fact that moving companies often claim to have decades of experience, you can’t be sure. They may answer the phone with an anonymous name and email address, lack an online presence, or submit glowing reviews to third-party review websites. Before you hire a moving company, read customer reviews to find out what other people have to say about the company. A moving company’s online presence will tell you a lot about the company’s quality of service.


Moving companies generally have different pricing policies. Last-minute moves usually cost more and you might not find a company available at the last minute. Generally, you should book a move at least 90 days in advance. During the peak moving season, such as the summer, you should plan your move at least 90 days in advance. To ensure the best service, book as early as possible. It is always better to plan ahead. In addition to these pricing policies, you should also check the availability of moving companies in your area.

Cancellation policy

Before booking a moving company, you should check out their cancellation policy. It’s smart to know what their cancellation policy is, so you don’t end up with a misunderstanding. Moreover, many long distance moving companies have a limited time period when you can cancel your move. The sooner you can cancel, the better. In addition, you can make sure that the cancellation policy of a moving company matches your requirements.